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The best scenery is when we are together

The best scenery is when we are together

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On a sunny weekend, members of EmperySolar went to Dongshan Island in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, and began a wonderful two-day one-night journey.

First stop: Sufengshan Highway

Sufeng Mountain is the main peak of Dongshan Island, located between Jinluan Bay and Wujiao Bay.

Starting from Xiamen, it took us about 4 hours to reach the summit of Sufeng Mountain. When we get out of the car, we don't care about the exhaustion of our body. Our mood has been pulled by the beautiful scenery in front of us. It was dusk, when the original hot sun became mild, the sea was sparkling, and the sea breeze burst in, making people feel calm and open.

Second stop: Maluan Bay and Jinluan Bay

The Maluan Bay scenic spot is one of the earliest scenic spots in Dongshan. The Bay is crescent-shaped, with a wide view and a uniform sea and sky.

After a short rest in Maluan Bay, we set off for Jinluan Bay to start our barbecue-camping trip.

The company has prepared very rich ingredients, some members brought their own sauce, we have worked together to produce a lot of delicious food, our male colleagues barbecue ability is really getting better and better!

After we had enough food and drink, we played a little game of "fighting in front and supporting in rear" together. We ran hard to find the right "material" to support our teammates in front of "fighting". This is a very strenuous game, but this game makes us understand that in a team, the mutual support of team members is a necessary factor for success.

After the game, we took out the pre-prepared Kongming lantern, wrote down our wishes on the lamp with pious heart, and then lit it and let it fly. We watched the Kong Ming Lamp fly farther and farther until it disappeared in our sight.

Kongming Lamp is also called "Wishing Lamp". We sincerely wish every member of EmperySolar can make their wishes come true.

It was late at night, and we began to build camping tents.

After a simple wash, with the sound of the sea beating on the beach and reefs, we entered a sweet dream.

On the morning of the second day of our trip to Dongshan Island, we woke up early to welcome the sunrise.

Everything is quiet at sunrise, and the world seems not to wake up yet. With the rising sun, we walk together on the beach of Jinluan Bay. Time is so beautiful.


Third stop: Tongling Town


Leaving Jinluan Bay, we went to Tongling Town, the economic and cultural center of Dongshan. This is an ancient cultural city which has gone through more than 600 years. It is a treasure of natural beauty and outstanding people. In Tongling Town, we tasted the famous local snacks: fried bread, paste.

Forth stop: Nanmen Bay

Nanmen Bay Scenic Area is an important location for the film "Left Ear". "Left Ear" is a youth film directed by Su Youpeng. The beautiful island of Dongshan Island is well known for this film, and more and more tourists come to visit it.

Nanmen Bay is sunny and shining with golden sand. The seawall is full of dried seafood and fishy fragrance. We walked along the seawall, relaxed and happy.


We will meet many special people, interesting things and unforgettable experiences in our life. We hope that one day when we recall these wonderful things in our life, there will be a frame in our mind about EmperySolar and this journey.

Life is long and the journey is short. It is already a wonderful fate to meet you and walk this road hand in hand.

Although this journey is over, our laughter and joy will remain in the memory of this beautiful island forever.

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