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The act in PV system EXPO 2019 Tokyo Show

The act in PV system EXPO 2019 Tokyo Show

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From February 27th to March 1st,the 12th PV EXPO Tokyo Exhibition arrived on schedule.Emperysolar brought a series of solar mounting system to the site and gave the clients the most comprehensive and professional products explanation and industrial information.


The trade representatives and professional technical teams has attended this big exhibition and conducted in-depth exchanges with clients on the spot and built up friendly relationship with them.


Over the years of Emperysolar, with its high quality, good product appearance and localized service to help customers solve problems quickly and effectively, and has quickly occupied a dominant position in the Japanese market.

Emperysolar will continue to provide the most cost-effective, stable and reliable solar PV mounting system solutions for customers, the concept of environmental protection in the hearts of the people.