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Company Profile


Company Profile

Empery Solar develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of solar mounting systems in the marketplace. 
Therefore, the products can satisfy virtually all your needs in mounting solar panels, from small –scale solar application in residential houses to heavy-task application in large industrial facilities. Empery Solar’s principal products include Roof Mount System, Ground Mount System, Pole Mount system, and Related Accessories.
Empery Solar, as a manufacturer of types of solar mounting systems for any situation
With the state-of-the arts manufacturing facilities,always design,fabricate and install all the solar mounting systems in accordance with the specifications and guidelines of the customers. Empery Solar guarantee you will get the right solar racking for your specific project needs with the maximum quality and a fair price.
Empery Solar is the expert of solar mounting solutions. 
Its extensive solar mounting  research and development operations are attributed to the overseas educated elites, and advanced technical equipments. Also the strict quality assurance measures allow Empery Solar to have an edge when it comes to giving customers the best product.